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Automatic Door Installations

At access door controls

For many businesses, the most important function of a front door is its ability to keep traffic running smoothly and quickly. For bigger businesses that have a higher volume of foot traffic, this is even more important. Few doors on the market offer a more efficient solution to customer traffic than automatic doors and at Access Door Controls, we offer door installation on a number of automatic doors.

Automatic doors are easy to manage and require little maintenance and we would like to give you a free estimate for your business today. Here are some of the automatic doors we offer door installation and services on.

sliding doors

Sliding doors are far and away the most common automatic doors on the market due to their efficiency and ease. They make for great front entrances and come fully installed with the needed sensors to make the door function at its full capacity. These doors are all glass and are a great application for businesses who are growing and are seeing too much foot traffic for an ordinary swing door.

Along with our other doors, we offer full door installation and service on our sliding doors that is backed by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Folding Doors

While these are less common, folding doors are great for building with a more traditional look. If your business sees enough foot traffic to warrant getting an automatic door but an all-glass sliding door doesn’t match the style of your building, folding doors are your best option.

These also open up your entrance space more than other doors. Folding doors allow for a wider open entrance when you are working with limited space. As with our sliding doors, folding door installations come with fully functional sensors, making it a hands-free entrance.

Other Doors

There are a few other applications for automatic doors that go beyond the traditional applications. The most common are handicap/low energy applications. These are often button-activated rather than sensor-activated and are best for low traffic areas. Their primary function is to accommodate the elderly and physically challenged, but are also widely used for fire doors.

Some other applications of automatic doors that Access Door Controls offers include:

  • Telescoping
  • Swings
  • Door sensors/activation devices

At Access Door Controls, we want to help you find the right automatic door for the application your business needs.


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Finding the right door for your business depends heavily on what your building specifically needs. At Access Door Controls, we want to make sure that we find you the right application for your door installation and we offer a free estimate to make sure you find the best solution.

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